About us

Connect Japan was founded by Yukiko Tatebayashi. She has become well acquainted with different cultures as she has lived in Japan, Canada and since 1999 in The Netherlands. During her working life she has learned that companies with international ambitions only succeed if they understand inter-cultural dynamics. This is the reason she started Connect Japan. Since graduating from Keio University, Yukiko has had international working experiences at Hayakawa Agency Tokyo, Variety, the Japanese Embassy in The Netherlands, Fuji Motion Picture Film and Sumitomo Wiring Systems.

Relevant work experience

o Launch advertisement campaigns for movies such as Titanic, Taxi, Meet Joe Black and for the television series Teletubbies
o Set up the Sumitomo Wiring System Amsterdam branch from scratch
o Arrange housing, lease contracts, working permits and passports, etc. for Japanese expatriates in the Netherlands
o Select international logistics partners for factories in Poland, Hungary, Romania, Spain and Morocco and negotiate logistic contracts
o Implement kaizen system in logistics process (transportation and warehousing)
o Assess and select new manufacturing sites and conduct logistics research
o Provide language training for foreigners doing business in Japan
o Work as interpreter at negotiation / press conferences at both Tokyo Film Festival & International Film Festival Rotterdam

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