Facilitation of product and service launches

What works when launching product or service in one market doesn’t always work in another. Connect Japan can help you optimize the right approach and skill set in both Dutch and Japanese markets. Depending on your needs Connect Japan supports you completely in all or any part of your launch process. After thorough market research, Connect Japan helps you gear your offering to local needs. We can also communicate with greater sensitivity to business cultural differences. In that way you build up trust-based partnerships and avoid misunderstandings with your partners.

Example: Product launch in Japanese market

Phase 1: Understanding the market

Phase 2: Selecting business partners

Phase 3: Introducing product to the market

o Conduct market research

o Gear customer offering to local needs

o Create promotional material for Japan

o Compile short list of prospective partners

o Initiate contacts

o Arrange and provide support

o during business meetings and trips

o Facilitate contract negotiations

o Provide guidance on Japanese regulations,

o insurance and logistic procedures

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