Setting up overseas offices and supporting expatriates


Connect Japan takes care of your office, local staff, expatriates and accompanying family members. You can concentrate on the business itself rather than the office set up issues. Connect Japan ensures soft landing for the expatriates and family who need time and guidance to adjust in the new environment. We help you adapt to local customs and support you in daily life.

Example: Startupservice and expat support

Opstartservice lokaal kantoor

Overplaatsing expats en gezinsleden


Ondersteuning leven in het buitenland


o Select location and arrange rental contracts

o Recruit local staff (including social insurance

o arrangements and pension)

o Arrange office furniture lease, stationery, etc.

o Facilitate ICT

o Facilitate contacts with third parties

o (e.g. accountants)

o Translate local language business mail

o Arrange expatriate documents such as

o residence and working permits, local

o local driving licenses and document

o registration at city hall and embassy

o Facilitate house search and rental contracts

o Arrange ICT, local bank account, (company) car, etc

o Arrange registration at health maintenance organization

o Find appropriate school for children

o Training in Dutch or Japanese daily

o customs and culture

o Training in Dutch or Japanese language

o Guidance to local public transportation

o system, tax systems, supermarkets, etc.

o Translation of local mail

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