Training in language and business culture

Whether you go to Japan or The Netherlands, thorough preparation for the country’s cultural and business background is vital. We can help you avoid culture shock and disappointment caused by faulty expectations. Connect Japan helps expatriates gain confidence and feel reassured prior to their foreign posting. They will be able to compose a highly effective action plan based on sound knowledge. You can get customized training in the various aspects of your destination country, its business culture and the necessary language skills. Connect Japan provides services for Dutch and Japanese expatriates.

The examples below pertain to expatriates going to Japan

Country and custom information

Business culture

Language skills:


o Social and cultural history of Japan

o Current political and economic

o developments

o Customs and communication style of

o the Japanese

o Dealing with Japanese behaviour patterns

o in the work environment

o Appreciating the importance of quality,

o service and expectations

o Gaining insights into Japanese

o management style, team building and

o meeting customs

o Recognizing and understanding specific

o Japanese negotiation styles and decision

o and decision making process

o Survival level questions and answers
o Key phrases and Japanese Kanji
o characters for daily routine both business
o wise and private life (from supermarket
o to health care)
o Tailor-made courses for more in-depth
o language training

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